NowNet Arts produces curated annual events including the NowNet Arts Festival and NowNet Arts Conference. The NowNet Arts Series produces seasonal ongoing events of the NowNet Arts Ensemble. Productions are based in New York and collaborate internationally.

NowNet Arts Festival

NowNet Arts Festival is an annual event featuring premieres of contemporary network arts works by multiple artists for the NowNet Arts Ensemble and collaborating groups.

NowNet Arts Conference

NowNet Arts Conference is an annual event for artists, technologists, researchers, educators, and industry professionals advancing topics in contemporary network arts for the ongoing development of the field. The conference includes papers, workshops, presentations, concert demonstrations, and exhibits. Presenters and audience can participate in-person or online.

NowNet Arts Series

NowNet Arts Series produces contemporary network arts works for the NowNet Arts Ensemble throughout the year. The NowNet Arts Ensemble features renowned contemporary arts performers in New York and internationally.