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NowNet Arts seeks to innovate the network arts field through developing NowNet Arts Labs, NowNet Arts Publications, NowNet Arts Youth Ensemble, and establishing NowNet Arts Venues.

NowNet Arts Labs 

NowNet Arts Labs will develop contemporary network arts through artist residencies and technology research to further innovations in the field. 

NowNet Arts Publications

NowNet Arts Publications will include artistic recordings, research documents, and education materials generated from NowNet Arts Events and NowNet Arts Labs. 

NowNet Arts Youth Ensemble

NowNet Arts Youth Ensemble will train young artists in contemporary network arts for formative experiences in the medium and to develop the future artists of the field.

NowNet Arts Venues

NowNet Arts Venues will be dedicated contemporary network arts venues in New York and internationally for NowNet Arts activities. Dedicated venues will further aspects including artistic and technological coordination, audiovisual spatialization, space design and architecture, and audience development.